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At our Lice Treatment Salons in Montgomery County, Delaware County, Philadelphia and Chester County PA, we can treat your whole family, all at once.

Head lice is a serious problem and you want to get rid of it as quickly as you can. At our Lice Treatment and Removal Centers, we have certified technicians that use a non-toxic lice removal process that is 100% effective.

Lice Lifters - Leaders in All-Natural Head Lice Treatment.

We have two professional head lice treatment centers in Pennsylvania, Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford PA and Lice Lifters of Lafayette Hill, Pa, Lice Lifters provides the safest and most effective head lice treatment near you.

With just one single visit for treatment featuring the Lice Lifters Treatment, you will be lice free. Our technicians will put you at ease and leave you and your family with a follow-up treatment plan as well as advice on how to prevent a lice outbreak at your home.